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We are the first ‘ball in the mail’ company in the UK. We are thrilled to bring smiles to people all over the world by sending out thousands of personalised balls each year.

Who do you want to bounce a little happiness to?

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We are great fans of personalised gifts and have ordered many for friends and family over the years. However, we found ourselves sending the same gifts year after year and decided it was time for a fresh new approach.

Ball in the mailWe decided to try it out and sent a ‘BOUNCE Back Soon’ greeting ball to a friend of ours who was in hospital. They were absolutely delighted with this unique personalised gift. It became a talking point with nurses, visitors and patients and the ball was thrown around the ward a few times cheering everyone up! It went down a storm!

From then on we decided to DELIVER A BALL to friends, relatives and work colleagues who all raved about their unique personalised gift delivered straight to their door or workplace. They were so impressed they also placed an order - keeping the balls rolling!

Why send
a card or balloon
like everyone else when
you could send balls by
post and bounce into
someone’s life to
cheer them up?

We are thrilled to bring smiles to people all over the world by sending out thousands of balls each year.
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Looking for a fun, unique, personalised gift? Then look no further! Our message balls come in styles and colours for all occasions and ages. Sent fully inflated through the post, with no extra packaging, they are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!
Choose your ball,
Add your message,
postie delivers!

Balls are sent in the post fully inflated, with no box or packaging to hide them from view - it really is a unique gift.

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How big is the ball?

Each ball is 9 inches in diameter.

Can the recipient remove the address from the ball?

Yes. The balls have removable name and address labels in order for your personal details to remain private when ball is being played with.

What if the ball is delivered damaged or burst?

This is extremely
rare, as our balls are very hardy and designed to travel well. However if your ball did arrive damaged in any way, contact us immediately and we will deliver a replacement straight away.

Can I choose the colour of ball?

We offer our
balls in a variety of colours. Available colours will be listed on the product page for you to choose from.

How long does delivery take?

Balls are sent
out next day and can take between 1 to 3 days depending on location and Royal Mail delivery times.

What payment methods do you take?

Balls are sent out next day and can take between 1 to 3 days depending on location and Royal Mail delivery times.

Who can I send a deliveraball greeting to?

ANYONE! They make
great personalised gifts for work colleagues or employees, friends and family: They are a unique way to send a personalised message: Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thank You or Congratulations!

How does the ball arrive?

Our balls are sent
as is: fully inflated, no packaging or bubble wrap, franked to reduce clutter of paper stamps on ball and delivered by your royal mail postman. The balls have removable name and address labels to keep your personal details private when ball is being played with.

Do you write on the ball itself?

Yes! We use a permanent waterproof marker to add personalised messages, funny phrases and names to your ball. It is this personal touch that people love.

What if the person I am delivering to is not at home to receive their ball?

Your postman is encouraged to leave the ball in a secure place or with a neighbour. Otherwise the ball will be returned to the post office depot and a notice left for the recipient to collect it.

Is the ball delivered already inflated?


Is the writing printed or hand-written?

Any pre-designed message or image that you see on the ball on the product page is professionally printed. Personal messages will be clearly handwritten in waterproof permanent marker making each ball unique and personal.

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What some of our customers are saying…

Deliveraball, you saved the day! I totally forgot my girlfriend’s birthday and had to get her something special to earn back the brownie points. Your ball-ated birthday ball did the trick, and all the girls at her work loved the idea too. Craig, Glasgow

Just wanted to say how much I loved my ball. My friend sent it to me after an operation and it really brought a smile to my face! Kath, Birmingham

I have 14 grandchildren and finding them all birthday presents that are good value that they will like is really hard. They adore their balls. Such a fun idea and easy to order. Elizabeth, London

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